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L H Z | Central Asia Trucking (China) Logistics Service Co., Ltd. is located in Guangzhou Nansha Free Trade Zone at the core of Guangdong- Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay area, and is committed to building a door-to-door two-way logistics leader from China to five central Asia countries (kazakhstan, uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan) Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey and the Caucasus . A complete supply chain system has been formed in transportation, customs clearance, insurance, transit, border warehouse, overseas warehouse and destination clearance and delivery ,etc. It has realized seven shifts per week as two-way open and normal operation from Xinjiang Khorgos port, Alashankou port, Baktu port to Central Asia and Kashgar port , this industry is known as the truck flight channel for Central Asian customer companies.


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Our company has more than 1,200 vehicles with TIR transport qualification in Kazakhstan, Turkey, Belarus and Germany, which can provide customers with many-to-one team services at any time,  and maximize the product characteristics with customized service to meet the transportation needs for customers.

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The export volume has increased greatly! Used cars accelerate "going to sea"

Since China officially launched the export of second-hand cars in 2019, the number of second-hand car exports has increased year by year. Especially since this year, the growth rate has been accelerated significantly,

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New and used cars are exported to Central Asia and Europe. The gospel is coming! — L H Z cage truck fleet

In order to meet the demand for batch export of new vehicles, new energy vehicles and second-hand vehicles, our company has set up a car transport fleet at Khorgos Port in Kazakhstan, covering Central Asia, Eastern Europe, and Europe. Can handle port warehousing, customs declaration, customs transit, second-hand vehicle export license, and full container truck transportation. Exporters are welcome to consult.

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